The time will depend on the destination and route we are required to take, however, we will always publish our route prior to commencement with an estimated time of arrival for your pet.
All pets on board our transport are transported in suitably sized travel pens with constant access to fresh water and clean bedding.
Quite simply no. None of the pets on our transports are ever left on their own at any time during the trip. For overnight stops, our vans are equipt with sleeping areas for the drivers to ensure pet supervision for longer journeys.
Our vans are all fitted with GPS tracking units which are available for you to view on our website at any time during the journey.
When planning our routes we always include regular breaks for toilet needs and exercise.
Yes. As well as a fully comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance for our vans, we also have full business pet insurance cover which includes. - Public Liability Cover up to £1,000,000 - Care, Custody and Control of Animals which covers our legal liability for instances of accidental loss, injury, illness or death, to an animal in the care, custody or control of the insured or any of its employees. Up to £25,000 for any one animal. - Non-Negligent Cover which provides cover for instances of accidental loss, injury, illness or death, to any animal in the care, custody or control of us or any of our employees where you/us is not at fault.
Yes. Our drivers are equipt with Bluetooth handsfree headsets to allow you to contact us at any point during the transport. We will also provide you with regular updates during the journey.
Whilst we allow personal possessions for your pet on board please bear in mind space aboard the vans is limited and as such we can only allow small personal items such as a favourite chew toy and a favourite blanket.