Set up by a family of animal lovers. Home from Home Transport strives to offer the best service and the highest quality of care to all animals on our transport

We understand how difficult it can be to find a high-quality legal transport service when trying to transport your cherished pet. With this in mind, we set up Home from Home Animal Transport to help people relocate their pets across Europe with care only animal lovers and fellow pet owners can understand.

Why Choose Us?

OK, so you may be asking what makes us different from other transporters?
Below we have listed the main points that we feel separates us from other transporters in our field.

All our cages are separated to limit the exposure to other animals whilst on transport, this helps to lower the stress levels of your animal during transport. In addition to this, we ensure all the animals in our care have soft bedding and a constant supply of fresh drinking water and regular stops for toilet breaks, exercise and feeding.

We always welcome regular inspection by our customers, customs officials and any other regulatory body to ensure they are happy with our service and the conditions in which you’re pet will be transported in.

You wouldn’t like to be stuck in the back of a transport vehicle and we understand that this is the same for your pet; this is why we play relaxing music and have installed adjustable colour and brightness ambient lighting to help keep all the animals relaxed during their journey.

During transport, you can track our progress at any time you like via our publicly available map page. We don’t hide passwords or expect you to wait for hourly updates which may only come during daytime hours.

Unlike other transporters, we don’t use drop off points and will always deliver directly to your door unless requested by you and where it does not contravene necessary laws such as TRACES rules and the meeting point for your pet is in a safe and secure environment.